Product features of Totobobo® mask


Totobobo Mask, 600 days Reusable mask!

Super breathable, comfortable and lightweight.

Specially design for general public use, patent Visual Seal Check (VSC) to fit every different faces!

**Can be Reshape or Cut to fit smaller face down to 3 years old**

Totobobo is the most adaptable face mask in the market. A published study showes that the Totobobo mask is able to fit 70% of the test-participants. While previously tested, N95 masks fit only upto a maximum 40% of the participants. The "ReShape" and "Cut to Size" features allow the Totobobo mask to fit a wide range of face shapes and sizes.

The mask body is embedded with BioCote®, a silver-based antimicrobial agent. BioCote® technology is known to work against bacteria, mould, fungi and the influenza A H1N1 virus. Recently, it has been tested independently and proved effective against a virus from the coronavirus family: the feline coronavirus, strain Munich.

Excellent filters
Our filters were professionally tested by Nelson Labs in the USA and demonstrated excellent filtration properties with low air resistance. We publish all the test reports here.

All our filters achieved over 99% for VFE (Viral Filtration Efficiency), BFE (Bacterial Filtration Efficiency ) and PFE (Particlate Filtration Efficiency).

Mask body can be used up to 600 days, only need to change filters. Each pair of filters can be used up to 7 to 14 days. Detail user's guideline, please refer to FAQ section.