F92 Filters (USD)


Items included:
10 pairs of F92 Filters

F92 -BFE
Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE)
Test particle size: 2.9 μm
Delta P: 11.4 Pa/cm2
Flow rate: 8 L/min
Filtration efficiency %: 99.9*

F92 -PFE
Latex Particle Challenge Final report (PFE)
Test particle size: 0.1μm
Filtration efficiency %: 99.6

How long can the filter last?

When used for air pollution application, we recommend changing the filters after a maximum duration of two weeks, or when the filter discolours from white to mid-grey (we provide a reference picture on the packaging).

For application against the virus, we suggest a maximum duration of one week for normal use in low-risk areas such as shopping mall, office and public transport. However, the filters should be changed immediately after using it in high-risk areas such as crowded hospital or clinic.